Rachel + Rodin

Rachel and Rodin (aka the cutest couple from Hongkong) contacted me a few months before their trip to Europe and asked me to travel with them… how could I say no to something like that! Rodin proposed to Rachel just a few days before I got to meet them and I loved seeing them freshly engaged with the biggest smiles on their faces. My wife got to travel with us and we had two amazing days together – just strolling through Krumlov and Prague, being touristy and eating Trdelnik all day. Rachel and Rodin became good friends of ours and have grown so dear to our hearts! Taking their engagement photos in Prague was the best way to end 2017 and I’m beyond stoked to be a part of their wedding in Australia this year!

This is one of many reasons why I love what I do so very much:
Photography allows us to connect from the ends of the world to display such intimate moments between two merging souls.